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Show up 10 - 15 minutes early & Just Ride!


"Thank YOU! I'm almost officially down to a size 25 pant - and I had a killer bod for my wedding last summer. Until Just Ride, I was pouring hundreds of dollars into a personal training program for a full year and stopped seeing results after two months. Just Ride gave me confidence AND the figure I wanted."


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1125 East Brookside Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202


Just Ride FAQ


What to bring

Bring tennis shoes / spin shoes (SPD clips), athletic attire and some water. We have a drinking fountain to fill up your water bottle and provide complementary towels for you to dry off. There are storage areas for your personal belongings in the studio.

Free parking is available in the parking lot across the street from Just Ride and next to CenterPoint Brewery.

Where can I Park?

Do you have a bathroom and shower?

Yes, we have two restrooms, an extra changing room along with a shower.

What if I have to cancel?

If you sign up for class and find that you cannot make it, you can “early cancel” up to 6-hours before that class. After that time, riders with class packages will have the ride deducted from their account. Riders with an Unlimited Membership will be charged a $5 cancellation fee. The best way to cancel is online, as we can’t guarantee that someone will be available to take a cancellation over the phone.

No, the pedals have SPD clips as well as straps for tennis shoes. The harder the sole the better, but any closed-toe athletic shoe will do.

Are cycling Shoes Required?

No, we do not rent cycling shoes. If you have cycling shoes with SPD clips you can bring them to class or wear your tennis shoes.

Do you rent cycling shoes?

What if I've never tried indoor cycling or I'm a little out of shape?

No problem. One of the best things about indoor cycling is that it can be modified for any experience level. We encourage riders to modify as needed, including turning down the resistance and/or sitting and resting when they need a break. One of our most loyal members said it best . . .

"I usually tell people who are intimidated by spin, I smoked for 13 years and couldn't even make it up a flight of stairs when I started spin class. Now I'm crushing an average of 15 miles on that bike. Boom. Spin fixes anything duct tape can't."

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